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Ice Adonis (English title) / Yellow Boots (literal title) Korean Drama

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  • Drama: Ice Adonis (English title) / Yellow Boots (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Nolan Bogsucho
  • Hangul: 노란 복수초
  • Director: Choi Eun-KyeongKim Yong-Min
  • Writer: Yeo Jung-Mi
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 108
  • Release Date: February 27 - August 30, 2012
  • Runtime: Mon-Thu 9:45
  • Genre: Revenge
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©

"Yellow Boots" depicts the revenge of a woman, who lost her family and lover, because of her step-sister.

In February, 2007, Yeon-Hwa (Lee Yu-Ri) is beaten by other prisoners and is sent to the hospital, but at the hospital she escapes as she planned. With her friend's help, Yeon-Hwa gets through a police inspection on the street and arrives at the wedding hall where Yoo-Ra (Yun Ah-Jeong) and Yoon-Jae (Hyun Woo-Sung) are about to marry. Yeon-Hwa and Yoo-Ra, wearing her wedding dress, finally face on the rooftop of the wedding hall.

3 months before that, Yeon-Hwa lived with her younger sister Soo-Ae (Min Ji-Hyun) in a small studio. After Yeon-Hwa begins to work at Jay Cosmetic Company, she dreams to marry her boyfriend Yoon-Jae. Her life is happy, but Yeon-Hwa, who works as an assistant at a make-up art show held by Jay Cosmetic Company, faces her step-sister Yoo-Ra. Yeon-Hwa's mother is married to Yoo-Ra's father.


  1. "Yellow Boots" is followed by "Glass Mask" on September 3, 2012.


Yellow Boots-Lee Yu-Ri.jpgYellow Boots-Hyun Woo-Sung.jpgYellow Boots-Yun Ah-Jeong.jpgYellow Boots-Jung Chan.jpgYellow Boots-Min Ji-Hyun.jpg
Lee Yu-RiHyun Woo-SungYun Ah-JeongJung ChanMin Ji-Hyun
Seol Yeon-HwaHa Yoon-JaeChoi Yoo-RaChoi Kang-WookSeol Soo-Ae

Additional Cast Members:

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