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Manhole (Korean Drama) - 맨홀-이상한 나라의 필

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  • Drama: Manhole (English title) / Manhole: Wonderland's Pil (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Maenhol-Isanghan Naraui Pil
  • Hangul: 맨홀-이상한 나라의 필
  • Director: Park Man-YoungYoo Young-Eun
  • Writer: Lee Jae-Gon
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: August 9 - September 28, 2017
  • Runtime: Weds. & Thurs. 22:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©

Bong-Pil (Kim Jae-Joong) has been preparing for his civil servant exam for the past 3 years, but he is not enthusiastic about his studies. He becomes disappointed that his lifelong friend Soo-Jin (Uee) will soon get married. He has loved her in vain for the past 28 years. Bong-Pil then falls into a manhole and travels through time. He struggles to prevent Soo-Jin’s imminent wedding.


  1. Takes over the KBS2 Wed. & Thu. 22:00 time slot previously occupied by "Queen For Seven Days" and followed by "Mad Dog" on October 11, 2017.
  2. Kim Jae-Joong acts for the first time since he was discharged from the South Korean military on December 30, 2016.
  3. Early English title was "Man-Hole: Feel So Good."
  4. First script reading took place June 29, 2017 at KBS Annex Broadcasting Station in Yeouido, South Korea. 
  5. First still images of Kim Jae-Joong and Uee together in KBS2 drama series “Man-Hole: Feel So Good.”
  6. Couple poster for KBS2 drama series “Manhole.”


Manhole (Korean Drama)-Kim Jae-Joong.jpgManhole (Korean Drama)-Uee.jpgManhole (Korean Drama)-Jung Hye-Seong.jpgManhole (Korean Drama)-Baro.jpg
Kim Jae-JoongUeeJung Hye-SungBaro
Bong PilKang Soo-JinYoon Jin-SookJo Suk-Tae
Manhole (Korean Drama)-Lee Sang-Lee.jpgManhole (Korean Drama)-Kang Hong-Suk.jpgManhole (Korean Drama)-Kim Min-Ji.jpgManhole (Korean Drama)-Jang Mi-Kwan.jpg
Lee Sang-YiKang Hong-SukKim Min-JiJang Mi-Kwan
Oh Dal-SooYoo Goo-GilHong Jung-AePark Jae-Hyun

Additional Cast Members:

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