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Download Wallet for Chrome

Posted by Improop Blog' on Friday, 1 May 2020

A lightweight Chrome extension that enables support for IOST D-apps on your browser. It also acts as an IOST wallet, in order to store the tokens

Also, a blockchain network can be used to mine and transfer cryptocurrency. So if you are interested in the IOST network, and found a way to mine IOST currency, you might want a wallet for that. 
iWallet for Chrome looks like a smart Chrome extension that will allow you to install D-apps (decentralized apps) and store your currency.ISOT is a decentralized blockchain network based on PoB ( Proof of Believability) consensus algorithm. This algorithm allows a network to get past the scalability dilemma and, which states that a network can have only two traits from the overall three: scalability, security, and decentralization.  

Creating an account

Creating an account is mandatory for getting access to iWallet. The account, however, has to be created on a dedicated website. 
Go to iostabc.com, and look for the wallet section. Input and account ID and generate your unique Public Key. It may take a while before the account is created, but after it is confirmed, go to the extension's menu, set up a password, and paste the PubKey when asked.

Use dapps to generate IOST tokens

Dapps is the short name for decentralized applications. These type of apps have no named owner, downtimes, and cannot be terminated. Also, to be considered a dapp, some conditions have to be met: to be open-source, to generate and power itself with tokens, to have a consensus mechanism, and to use blockchain tech.
If you take a look at the iWallet's UI, you'll notice the iGas and iRam. These two elements are an important part of the IOST ecosystem, as they are related to transactions and storage resources.

All in all

If you are active in the blockchain domain and recently got into IOST, iWallet for Chrome might prove to be a good addition to your browser. On the flip side, the account creation times are very high, and if you mess up the process, you'll have to start all over again. However, if the account part goes well, iWallet will deliver.

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