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BIG MAN - 빅맨 Korean Drama

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Drama: Big Man

Revised romanization: Bigmaen

Hangul: 빅맨

Director: Ji Yeong-Su

Writer: Choi Jin-Won

Network: KBS2

Episodes: 16

Release Date: April 28 - June 17, 2014

Runtime: Mon & Tue 21:55

Language: Korean

Country: South Korea

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©

Kim Ji-Hyeok (Kang Ji-Hwan) doesn't have parents and goes through a tough life. He then meets Dal-Sook who runs a small restaurant at a traditional market. Kim Ji-Hyeok follows her like his mother and settles down at the traditional market. He works hard to open up his own store within the traditional market.

Suddenly, Kim Ji-Hyeok becomes a hidden son from a family that owns Korea's top company Hyunsung. He realizes though that there are impure intentions. Since that moment, Kim Ji-Hyeok takes revenge upon the people at the Hyunsung company. He becomes romantically involved with a woman named So Mi-Ra (Lee Da-Hee) who he meets at the most important time in his life.

Additional Cast Members:

Kwon Hae-Hyo - Koo Deok-Gyu

Jang Hang-Seon - Jo Hwa-Soo

Kim Dae-Ryeong - Jo Beom-Sik

Kim Mi-Kyung - An Bong-Rim

Yoon So-Hee - So Hye-Ra

Lee Hae-Woo - Moon Myung-Ho

Na Seung-Ho - Assistant Manager Lee

Choi Jung-Hwa - reporter

Jang Sung-Bum - doctor

Moon Jong-Won - Yong-Man

Kim Ji-Hoon - Choi Yoo-Jae

Oh Dae-Hwan - detective

Baek Gwang-Doo - Lawyer Park

Jung Myung-Joon - Lawyer

Kim Jung-Pal - Mr Park

Lee Hae-Young - branch manager of Jericho

Woo Jung-Won - Hyungsung Group board member

Kim Min-Sang - detective

Ha Si-Yeon - nurse

Lee Tae-Woo - Kim Ji-Hyeok (young)

Choi Da-In - So Mi-Ra (young)

Nam Da-Reum - Kang Dong-Seok (young)

Song Jae-Rim - Park Dong-Pal (cameo)

Lee Sung-Min - high-ranking government official (cameo)

Park Won-Sang - detective (cameo)

Jung Doo-Kyum - judge (cameo)

Kim Min-Jae - Prosecutor Yong (cameo)

Oh Sang-Jin - anchor (cameo)

Kim Hye-Won

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