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THE BEAUTY INSIDE - 뷰티 인사이드 Korean Drama

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Drama: The Beauty Inside

Revised romanization: Byooti Insaideu

Hangul: 뷰티 인사이드

Director: Song Hyun-Wook, Nam Ki-Hoon

Writer: Im Meari

Network: JTBC

Episodes: 16

Release Date: October 1 - November 20, 2018

Runtime: Mon & Tue 21:30

Language: Korean

Country: South Korea

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©

A woman changes her appearance whenever a certain supernatural phenomenon occurs. A man falls in love with this woman.

Han Se-Kye (Seo Hyun-Jin) is a top actress. She is known as a troublemaker and the object of many rumors. Her life is a mystery, but, in reality, she suffers from an unusual phenomenon. At a certain point every month, her appearance changes to a different person. She lives one week out of every month with a different appearance. Han Se-Kye meets Seo Do-Jae (Lee Min-Ki). Seo Do-Jae is an executive at an airline company. He seems perfect with an attractive appearance and possessing smarts, but he suffers from an inability to recognize faces. He hides this disability and tries hard to memorize people by their habits and mannerisms. The only person's face that he is able to recognize is Han Se-Kye. By meeting her, his life changes

Additional Cast Members:

Kwon Hae-Sung - Lee Hyun-Seok

Heo Jeong-Min - Han Se-Kye

Heo Young-Ji - Han Se-Kye's fan

Seo Yi-Soo - Jin-Young

Seo Kwang-Jae - Ph.D Oh

Kim Beom-Jin - man dating Han Se-Kye

Ha Shi-Eun - celebrity at awards ceremony

Park Hyun-Jung - Min-Joon's mother

Lee Su-A - Han Se-Kye c8

Seo Jung-Joon - Se-Kye C

Lee Won-Jin - Hwa-Young's manager

Myung Jae-Hwan - cinematographer

Kim Joo-A - bully student's mother

Hwang Hee-Jung - actress

Shin Tae-Yang - hospital kid

Lee Yong-Nyeo - shaman

Yoon Woo-Ri - aspiring actress

Yoo Young-Bin - passerby 2

Lee Jae-Yoon - himself (ep.1)

Jo Hyun-Sik - Young-Soo (ep.2)

Ra Mi-Ran - Han Se-Kye (ep.10)

Jeon Young-Woon - Han Se-Kye (ep.13)

Seo In-Sung - Han Se-Kye

Kwon Chan-Min - quick service delivery man

Moon Woo-Bin

Park Myoung-Hoon

Lee Chang

Park Yong

Shin Hee-Gook

Anastasiia Sokolova

Myung Suk-Geun

Shin Min-Joo

Kwon Yong-Sik

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