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FORTUNA'S EYE - フォルトゥナの瞳

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Native Title: フォルトゥナの瞳

Also Known As: Forutuna no Hitomi , Eye of Fortuna

Screenwriter: Sakaguchi Riko

Screenwriter & Director: Miki Takahiro

Genres: Romance, Drama, Supernatural

Tags: Adapted From A Novel, Attempted Assault, Hardworking Male Lead, Secret, Orphan Female Lead, Accident, Heart Disease, Orphan Male Lead, Plane Crash, Death (Vote or add tags)

Country: Japan

Type: Movie

Release Date: Feb 15, 2019

Duration: 1 hr. 51 min.

Score: 7.8 (scored by 635 users)

Ranked: #2129

Popularity: #3892

Content Rating: G - All Ages

When Kiyama Shinichiro was little, his family died in a plane accident. Since then, he has not made any friends and he has lived a lonely existence. One day, Kiyama Shinichiro acquires a special ability. His special ability is to see through the body of people who are about to die. Kiyama Shinichiro's life changes because of this. Kiyama Shinichiro meets Kiryu Aoi at a cellphone shop. He becomes attracted to her with her bright personality and Kiryu Aoi is attracted to Kiyama Shinichiro. They enjoy happy days together, but, all of a sudden, Kiyama Shinichiro is able to see through Kiryu Aoi’s body.

(Source: AsianWiki) 

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