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Aglama Anne (crying mom) TV SERIES 2018,- Plot Synopsis

Posted by Improop Blog' on Saturday, 25 June 2022

Aglama Anne (Crying Mom) living in high school for a one-night love for fun at night, Zeynep will suffer for many years later. Alev will get pregnant that night and will not want to have the child. Young people around the event will hear the name of the young Alev's son to kill the killer. Alev and Adnan's daughters, Zeynep, will grow up in this strange situation, but Zeynep's mother will be mother-in-law without her mother, Alev. Then we will follow Zeynep and Mert's love. Birce Akalay will give life to Alev, who has psychological problems and is being treated.


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