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Nonton Even Lambs Have Teeth

Posted by Improop Blog' on Thursday, 26 August 2021


Two young women terrorized by a group of small town psychos seek revenge on their tormentors.


Revenge is a primal urge. The need, nay, the want to exact punishment unto a person for the wrongdoing brought unto you is a deep rooted desire that consumes one’s soul until exacted. No matter how extreme or benign the revenge may be, the satisfaction it affords is unadulterated bliss.

There isn’t much to Even Lambs have Teeth. As far as revenge flicks go, it is a very straightforward affair. Katie (Tiera Skovbye) and Sloane (Kirsten Prout) are graduates looking to make a buck or two over the break so they can spend it all on a shopping spree in NY. They organised a stint at a rural organic farm to earn the dough needed for their materialistic desires. After being driven to the area by Katie’s uncle Jason, who also just happens to be an FBI detective (gee, I wonder if that comes into play later on…), they meet a couple of handsome local guys and agree to let the gentleman “drive” them to the organic farm. As anybody with a modicum of grey matter can deduce, the girls don’t end up at the farm, but instead are drugged and find themselves scantily clad and chained to shipping containers in the middle of bum-f#ck nowhere. Sold off to the locals as sex toys, and as you’d expect from a cookie cutter script; practically EVERYONE in the town is in on it, the hapless women are raped numerous times. But when the chance to escape presents itself, the women waste no time in doing so. However, not content with merely fleeing, our victims decide to turn the tables and proceed to exact revenge on the men who captured them and anybody involved in their heinous entrapment.

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