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Drama: Cruel Love / Bad Love

Revised romanization: Motdoen Sarang

Hangul: 못된사랑

Director: Kwon Gye-Hong, Park Man-Young

Writer: Lee Yoo-Jin

Network: KBS2

Episode: 20

Release Date: December 3, 2007 - February 12, 2008

Runtime: Mon - Tues. 21:55

Language: Korean

Country: South Korea


“Cruel Love” is a story between a heroine (In-jung) and two guys (Yong-ki and Soo-hwan) seeking for true love.

In-jung was a promising cellist in her early 20s, lacking for nothing. On her glory days as a successful orchestra member, to her astonishment, In-jung found out her first love, Soo-hwan, was a married man, and got 5 years imprisonment for adultery. Finally, she ends up as a fried-chicken seller in a poor village, and becomes an unrelenting woman without any hope left for her life until the end.

One day, In-jung ran across Yongki, a pop artist guy who was born on the wrong side of the blanket in the prosperous conglomerate family. Yongki lost his colleague and first love Joan for good as he was not committed enough to save her from his family’s negligence. By several coincidences, Yongki meets Injung here and there, realizing painful love in his heart.

By the time when Injung also realizes subtle love towards Yongki, Injung’s first love Soo-hwan, who ruined her life completely, appears in front of Injung, asking for her forgiveness. So, what would be Injung’s choice and what would the left look like? This is the key of the drama “Cruel Love”.

Additional Cast Members:'

Park Geun-Hyung - Kang Woo-Taek

Song Ok-Suk - Lee Jin-Sook

Kim Chang-Wan - Hwang In-Soo

Bang Eun-Hee - Park Chan-Sook

Kim Min-Jung - Su-Hwan's mom

Choi Yong-Min - In-Jung's dad

Yoo Ji-In - In-Jung's mom

Choi Seong-Min - director Yun

Kim Hyang-Gi - Mi-So

Yum Jung-Goo

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