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Mysterious Personal Shopper - 인형의 집

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Drama: Mysterious Personal Shopper (English title) / Doll's House (literal title)

Revised romanization: Inhyungui Jib

Hangul: 인형의 집

Director: Kim Sang-Hwi

Writer: Kim Ye-Na, Lee Jung-Dae

Network: KBS2

Episodes: 103

Release Date: February 26 - July 20, 2018

Runtime: Monday - Friday 19:50-20:30

Language: Korean

Country: South Korea

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©

"Doll's House" follows the love, friendship and betrayal between two women: Hong Se-Yeon (Park Ha-Na) and Eun Kyung-Hye (Wang Bit-Na).

Hong Se-Yeon works as a personal shopper. She is outgoing and a positive person, but she is betrayed by people whom she loved. She begins to take revenge on those who betrayed her.

Eun Kyung-Hye is the only child of a CEO. Her life looks perfect, but she has a fear that she will get abandoned. Because of her fear, she has an impulse control disorder and gets compulsive.

Additional Cast Members:

Park Hyun-Suk - Park Soo-Ran

Shim Jin-Hwa - Shin Young-Ae

Jo Mi-Ryung - Eun Sook-Ja

Lee Myung-Ho - Min Woo-Hyuk

Jung Jung-Ah - Jun Hyun-Joo

Kim Mi-Ra - clothing store owner

Kim Sun-Yool - Jae-Young (young)

Na Seok-Min - security

Jo Seung-Yeon - nurse

Ha-Min - Dongdaemun female CEO (ep.6)

Yook Mi-Ra

Park Gwi-Soon


Jang Joon-Ho

Kim Sang-Il

Bang Joo-Hwan

Um Tae-Yoon

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