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Ugly Duckling Series: Don't (2015) - รักนะเป็ดโง่ Ugly Duckling ตอน DON'T Full Episode

Posted by Improop Blog' on Tuesday, 1 February 2022

Native Title: รักนะเป็ดโง่ Ugly Duckling ตอน DON'T

Also Known As: Ugly Duckling รักนะเป็ดโง่ "Don't" , Ugly Duckling รักนะเป็ดโง่ Don't , รักนะเป็ดโง่ Ugly Duckling DON'T

Screenwriter & Director: Kaew Chatkaew Susiwa

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Youth, Drama

Tags: Male Chases Female First, High School, Character Development, Adapted From A Novel, Love Triangle, Beauty Standards, Miniseries, Unrequited Love, School Bullying, School (Vote or add tags)

Country: Thailand

Type: Drama

Episodes: 7

Aired: Aug 30, 2015 - Oct 11, 2015

Aired On: Sunday

Original Network: GMM 25

Duration: 50 min.

Score: 7.8 (scored by 3,121 users)

Ranked: #2210

Popularity: #1450

Content Rating: G - All Ages

After confessing her love to her crush at elementary school, Maewnam is literally crushed when the boy rejects her in front of all his friends. He calls her ugly and it’s at that moment that she decides to wear a box on her head. Maewnam is really damaged by those events and she hides behind the box, truly believing that she’s ugly.

Forced to return to school, Maewnam meets Minton and Zero. Minton is sweet, friendly, and new to the school while Zero is a notorious troublemaker who uses his fists to solve his problems. The question is: who’s the boy that called her ugly all of those years ago? Is it Minton? Is it Zero? Is it another person?


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