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My Guardian Angel 2016 - Plot Summary

Posted by Improop Blog' on Saturday, 25 June 2022

Twin sisters Hannah and Angel, have always been very close to each other, but after Angel's death, Hannah is about to experience a completely new type of bonding with her beloved sister.

At the young age of eleven, innocent autistic Hannah has already experienced the unbearable burden of loss when her beloved twin sister Angel, who were inseparable, unfortunately, died. Under those circumstances, still not in terms with her loss and living under the same roof with her abusive and uninvolved parents, Hannah will seem to have a fresh start at her new boarding school, nevertheless, there too, mistreatment and alienation await her. Eventually, desperate Hannah unable to overcome the constant impediments, she will seek comfort in even the smallest of things, however, as the mellow, yet persistent and penetrating female voice inside her head grows stronger by the day, the subtle innuendos of an otherworldly companion will become a certainty.

—Nick Riganas

Hannah an autistic little girl traumatized by the loss of her twin sister, Angel is further traumatized by the ill treatment by her unfeeling parents and is affected by the alienation caused by her new class mates in her new school. Circumstances push her to the extreme as she struggles to find a way out of the desperate situation to which she receives help from otherworldly sources.

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